Affordable Cannabis Lab Testing for Canadians

With Leafalyze, it's never been easier for home growers to find out exactly what's in their cannabis - whether that's THC, CBD, terpene profiles, or biological contaminants.

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Cannabis Testing in Three Easy Steps

  • 1. Send us your cannabis samples

    After purchasing one of our tests, we'll send you a box with scent-proof packaging for your cannabis. It's easy to send it back to our lab with an included pre-paid shipping label.

  • 2. Our lab will analyze your sample

    Using cutting edge HPLC equipment, our Health Canada licensed lab will analyze the different components and contaminants in your sample to help you be safe and confident with your cannabis.

  • 3. We provide you with the results

    Using the Leafalyze website, you can track the entire testing process in realtime, from shipping to testing. Results will show up in your account in 5 - 7 days on average.

Cannabis Test Kits

Potency Test
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Potency Test

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Leafalyze Biological Contaminant Test Kit
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Biological Contaminant Test

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Leafalyze Terpene Profile Test Kit
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Terpene Profile Test

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Leafalyze Cannabinoid Profile Test Kit
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Cannabinoid Profile Test

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Track your Kit

Using our website, it's easy to track your kit through every step of the process - register your serial number, track your kit through shipping, and get up-to-the-minute updates from the lab.

View your Results

We make it easy to view and understand what's in your cannabis. From potency to cannabinoids, terpenes, biological contaminants, and more.


How much material is required for your tests?

All of our tests require 1g of dried flower or 1mL of oil. While you are welcome to provide more if you'd like, we've found that this is the optimal amount to balance cost and accuracy.

How long does the testing take?

Testing typically takes 5 - 7 days from the time your sample is received by the lab.

Where will my cannabis be tested?

All testing is performed by Health Canada certified laboratories. These are the same labs used by the big licensed producers.

How can I view my results?

All your results can be found on our results website. You can also track the status of your test kits in real-time.

What happens if there's an issue with my kit?

We try our best to ensure that everything goes smoothly when testing your sample, but there are always rare circumstances where your kit may go missing in shipping or the sample was somehow contaminated. If this happens, we either provide a replacement kit completely free of charge or we give you a full refund.